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Tailor-made adventure

I plan, you go


If you want an adventure by your own rules,
rather than a program imposed by a travel agency -

you are in the right place!

What to do step by step:

  1. Go to contact form and send me a message (or type me a message via whatsapp).

  2. I will write back, offering a convenient term for a phone call, I also immediately send you a set of questions, the answers to which are supposed to help me clarify your expectations.

  3. During the phone call we will discuss details and then you will get an answer from me for when the offer will be ready (usually, depending on your requirements and my workload, I need 1 to 2 weeks).

  4. At the agreed time, I will send you an offer, including all the pre-arranged details and a price. How much can it cost? It all depends on your guidelines. I am able to plan a low-budget trip for you from a minimum amount of about 25$ per person per day. The upper limit does not exist, because on this paradise island there are also hotels and private villas for billionaires, where one night costs more than 2500$ .

  5. If you accept the offer that has been prepared, from that point you can count on my full assistance in obtaining a visa, booking flights, searching for insurance and other travel details (I help you through the whole process, lending my experience). From the moment you land in Sri Lanka, Kevin takes care of you (you can contact me during this time via whatsapp, if necessary).

  6. Upon arrival in Sri Lanka, your personal concierge picks you up at the airport. He helps you buy a local sim card, exchange currency at the currency exchange office, move your luggage and whatever else you ask him to do.

  7. You go to the first point on your tour route. Only at this point you settle your account with your concierge, paying him the predetermined amount for the first leg of your trip. From then on, it is he who handles all the matters contracted in the offer on your behalf. If you don't like the room - he negotiates to change it. If you need extra attractions, he looks for them for you. Everything at a predetermined price. We have individually set prices at each of the accommodations, different from the online search engines. The difference between the price officially quoted by the facility and the one negotiated by us is the payment for the accommodation and additional services of your concierge, who at that time is at your full disposal 24/7.

  8. At the beginning of each successive stage of the tour, you pay a predetermined fee.

  9. On the last day of the tour your concierge asks you if you are satisfied with the tour. This is the stage during which you settle with me the commission for the organization. If your satisfaction is complete, you pay him the last pre-agreed tranche, if not - you cut my fee at your discretion and sense of fairness. For more on this topic, see success fee.


To summarize:

You get a service tailor-made specifically for you.

Before landing in Sri Lanka, you don't pay a penny for the tour.


You will only pay for my service of arranging your trip if, on the last day of the trip, you feel that I have fulfilled the task, in addition, only as much as you think I deserve! If anything goes wrong, you will decide for yourself how much to cut my fee. For more on this topic, see the success fee section.

Included in the price of the tour you get the service of your private English-speaking concierge, who will not only take you where you want to go, but also show you around all the attractions (he has a tour guide's license) and handle any errands on your behalf, including negotiating souvenir prices. If you speak English poorly, you write to me via whatsapp, and I forward your request to your concierge on your behalf. All this for a lower price than if you wanted to rent a car from a rental company.

From the moment you decide to use Dreamlanka's services, you can count on my and Kevin's personalized advice (I personally help you find the cheapest flight, travel insurance, arrange visa paperwork, etc.).

All the facilities we recommended have been PERSONALLY visited by me or Kevin, their standard has been verified not only by photos and Internet reviews. We have evidence of this!


Personalized vacations, private concierge.... sounds like a devilishly expensive premium service, doesn't it? Depending on the scope and standard required, I am able to organize this tour for you starting at about 25$ per person per day. Send me a message and check it out for yourself.

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