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Success fee

What can go wrong? Theoretically, anything. The airline could cancel your flight, the train could be late, the weather could change, you could get sick, the toilet could get clogged, a lizard could drown in your usually clean pool, a friendly-looking dog could bite you, the insurance company could refuse to pay your claim, etc., etc., etc., etc. Most of these things are beyond the control of me or your personal on-site concierge. However: attention, attention! - it is you who decides whether I have fulfilled my assignment, whether I could have given more of myself, and therefore it is you who decides what percentage of the agreed salary I deserved. Before flying to Sri Lanka, we agree on a certain sum for the organizer - that is, for me. The total investment in your dream vacation including bed & breakfast and your privte concierge, starts with about $25 per day per person. My salary is – depending on details of your expectations – up to 15% ot the total sum. You pay the salary in the agreed amount in cash on the day the tour ends to your concierge, who then settles the account with me. Since you pay at the end, not the beginning of the tour, my salary can be reduced at your discretion if you are not completely satisfied. Neither I nor your concierge negotiates the amount, we just accept your decision. The only thing we will ask then is to let us know what went wrong so that we could improve the service in the future.

This service is based on mutual TRUST. You hire me to organize your dream vacation, trusting that I know my job, and I in turn make my salary contingent on your satisfaction, trusting that you will keep your word.

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