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About us


"Choose a job you love, and you won't work another day in your life."

                                                                        - Confucius

What if you could: make money by fulfilling your dreams, share the miracles you've experienced with others, and at the same time help people that you admire and respect?

Did you know that in 2022 the lowest salary in Sri Lanka was the equivalent of 42$ per month and more than half of the population of this paradise island still lives below the poverty line?

More than 80% of the accommodations we offer are privately owned by indigenous Sri Lankans. 100% of the drivers who act as your concierge are ambitious, young Sri Lankans. More than 95% of what you invest in your dream adventure stays in Sri Lanka to enhance the lives of these open, gentle, wonderful people whose unprecedented hospitality has captivated us so much.

I'd like to introduce you to DREAMLANKA - Island of sapphires, tea, elephants, virgin jungle, relics of ancient civilizations, paradisiacal beaches and waterfalls. I'll show you the Pearl of the Indian Ocean from the side you won't see with any travel agency. You have my word for it!


My name is Peter. I am a psychologist, a business workshop trainer and a recruiter. Since 2010, I have been managing my own company providing premium HR services. You can easily verify my identity by typing "Piotr Drozdowski Business Partners" into the search engine.


My wife Anna and I live in a charming log cabin near the Babia Mountain itself, surrounded by a bunch of animals (a dog, 7 cats, 6 geckos).

By passion - I am a traveler. The trip to Sri Lanka was a wedding gift for my Annie. I organized it myself in 7 days, planning each of the 19 days of our stay and then executing the plan 120%. In the homeland of elephants and ceylon tea we spent our honeymoon. Sri Lanka - completely, absolutely, permanently - stole our hearts. From Sri Lanka we also brought back the most beautiful souvenir, which will open its eyes for the first time this October, and in another year it will call me "Daddy"!

While traveling around the island of Ceylon, we met Gayan "Kevin" Aluthgedara, who was our driver on the Sigiriya - Kandy route. His openness, commitment and ambition made me immediately think of Kevin as soon as the thought of showing Sri Lanka, this real, wild, stunning island untainted by the hand of civilization, appeared in my mind.


My name is Gayan Keerthi Aluthgedara, or "Kevin" to my friends. I am a Sri Lankan. Together with my wife Mahesha and little daughter, I live in the small village of Diyabeduma near Polonnaruwa. I speak English very well - I studied in the language and currently, since 2011, I teach English at school. I served in the Sri Lankan Air Force for five years. Since 2018, I have also been working as a licensed tour guide on the island of Ceylon.

Sri Lanka is a wonderful country, a land of unspoiled nature and friendly people, mostly, like me, followers of Buddhism. A country in many ways unspoiled by civilization, making it exceptionally attractive to many newcomers tired of the rushing Western culture.

In addition to Ceylon's proverbial "must sees" like Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Kandy, Ella and Mirissa, I will take you to places that no travel agency offers. To places that are not on the map of tourist attractions, such as the unspoiled corners of the rainforest or the most beautiful waterfalls. Together with Peter, we will design a dream adventure for you!

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